We see a lot of children here at Kite Opticians and have a fabulous selection of frames for children of all ages. We have frames for babies through to teenagers, from the exciting and brightly coloured through to the more rugged! Our ranges are always changing but we can always promise a wonderful selection of frames whatever the age and we are happy to order in different colours if we haven’t got what you require in stock.

It is very important that your child’s eyes are checked throughout childhood. An examination is free under the NHS for those under 16. As well as checking for short or long-sightedness, we can also check for any binocular vision problems such as a squint (strabismus) or lazy eye (amblyopia). Your child’s eyes can be examined at any age and we would certainly recommend a check-up before they start at school.

We stock sunglasses for children offering full UV protection and made to prescription if required. We also offer a range of sports goggles and swimming goggles that can be made to their prescription.

It may be appropriate to look at contact lenses too – look for more information on the contact lens page.

Myopia Management

Statistics show that there is a developing epidemic of myopia (short-sightedness) among children. Myopia is characterised by an elongation of the eyeball as a child grows and the prevalence of this has been increasing. If current myopia trends continue, around 56% of the European population will be affected by the condition by 2050.

The serious concern is the underlying medical problems that potentially accompany all people with myopia across a lifetime. These include structural abnormalities such as glaucoma, retinal degeneration, tears and detachments alongside the possibility of loss of central vision by myopic macular degeneration. Tragically, any of these conditions are potentially blinding.

The risk of these conditions increases as the level of myopia increases.

Myopia usually starts between the age of 6 and 13 and tends to get worse until the eye stops growing. Children are more likely to become myopic if their parents are myopic.

The visual symptoms of myopia can be corrected using standard spectacles or contact lenses, but they do not slow down the rate at which myopia progresses. 

Treatment with specially designed spectacles or contact lenses will help slow down the progression of myopia. This is known as myopia management. Current evidence suggests that these treatments may reduce how quickly myopia gets worse by up to 60%.

At Kite Opticians we offer both of these treatments, which have evidence-based scientific proof that myopia can be controlled and myopic development slowed, dependent on your child’s eyes and needs:

Spectacles – Using peripheral defocus or peripheral reduced contrast technologies for reducing the progression of childhood myopia without the need for contact lenses: Stellest spectacle lenses.

Soft Contact Lenses –scientifically proven day wear soft contact lenses that reduce the progression of myopia in children: the unique MiSight 1-day lens.

We offer both of these treatments via a monthly direct debit fee to help spread the cost – please call us for details.


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